The chess game between Veselin Topalov and Alexei Shirov played in Linares in 1998 is often referred to as one of the most spectacular and aggressive games in the history of chess.

In this game, Shirov, known for his bold and tactical style, sacrificed both of his rooks and then his queen to create a highly dynamic and chaotic position. The sacrificial play was both daring and strategically complex, putting tremendous pressure on Topalov.

Shirov’s sacrificial approach paid off, as he launched a ferocious attack against Topalov’s king, eventually leading to a checkmate. The audacity and brilliance displayed by Shirov in this game earned it the nickname “The Immortal Game of Shirov.”

This game is celebrated for its tactical fireworks, imaginative sacrifices, and the overall audacity of Shirov’s play. It remains a memorable and frequently discussed masterpiece, showcasing the creative and dynamic potential of chess, particularly when played by a master like Alexei Shirov.