The chess game played between the computer chess engine Rybka and the chess grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura in 2008 during an ICC (Internet Chess Club) blitz match garnered attention for several reasons:

1. **Rybka’s Strength:** Rybka, developed by Vasik Rajlich, was one of the strongest chess engines at the time and widely recognized for its exceptional playing strength and evaluation capabilities. Its participation in high-profile matches against top human players always drew attention.

2. **Blitz Format:** The game was played in a blitz format, which means fast-paced games with very limited time for each move. This format often leads to exciting, tactical, and unpredictable games, and it tests the players’ quick decision-making abilities.

3. **Strong Opponent:** Hikaru Nakamura is a highly skilled and dynamic chess player, known for his aggressive and tactical style. His games against engines were often intriguing as he tried to exploit potential weaknesses in the computer’s play.

Overall, the significance of this game lies in the interaction between a top-tier computer chess engine and a highly skilled human player in a fast-paced, blitz setting. While computers have become formidable opponents in chess, the match showcased the intense and fascinating battles that arise when advanced technology collides with human ingenuity and creativity in the game of chess.