Sochi 1958

The following improvements Polugaevsky could have made to win the chess game against Nezhmetdinov:

1. On move **14. Qd1**, Polugaevsky should consider **0-0** to bring the king to safety and continue with **f4** later.
2. On move **21. Kf2**, Polugaevsky should consider **Qd2** to support the pawn on f4 and keep the king safe.
3. On move **22. Ke3**, Polugaevsky should consider **f5** to gain space and attack on the kingside.
4. On move **25. Rxh2**, Polugaevsky should consider **Bxf6** followed by **f5** to open up lines against the Nezhmetdinov king.

The game between Lev Polugaevsky and Rashid Nezhmetdinov, played in 1958 in Sochi, is renowned for Nezhmetdinov’s stunning and imaginative attacking play. This game is often cited as one of the greatest examples of tactical brilliance and creative chess.

In this game, Nezhmetdinov demonstrated his exceptional combinational skills, especially with his queen sacrifice, leading to a spectacular attack that culminated in a forced checkmate. Nezhmetdinov’s ability to calculate deeply and envision complex positions made this game a classic in chess history, showcasing his unique style and flair for the dramatic.