Donald Byrne (1930–1976) was an American chess player and International Master. He is best known for his participation in the “Game of the Century,” where he played against the young prodigy Bobby Fischer in 1956. Byrne was also a respected chess educator and a professor of English at Pennsylvania State University. His contributions to chess included both his competitive play and his work in promoting the game through teaching and writing.

Donald Byrne did not have a specific “favorite play” widely documented, but he was known for his deep understanding of chess and his solid, classical style of play. As an experienced and skilled player, Byrne was adept in various openings and middle-game strategies. His most famous game, the “Game of the Century” against Bobby Fischer, saw him employing the Grünfeld Defense, which indicates his familiarity and comfort with mainstream, reputable openings.

Donald Byrne achieved his peak rating in the mid-1960s, reaching a peak FIDE rating of 2445 in July 1973. This rating reflected his status as a strong International Master, a title he held and which marked him as one of the top players in the United States during his active years.

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