The term “Mickey Mouse Opening” in chess is a colloquial expression used to refer to an irregular or non-standard opening that might be considered unusual or unorthodox. It’s a somewhat derogatory term used to describe an opening sequence that might not be regarded as serious or competitive at high-level chess.

There isn’t a specific opening referred to as the “Mickey Mouse Opening” recognized by its official name in chess theory or by common opening names. Instead, it’s a generic term used to describe a wide range of irregular or offbeat opening moves that might seem peculiar or unorthodox. It’s often used humorously or disparagingly to characterize a less principled or less respected opening line.

Chess has many named openings that are well-established and widely recognized in the realm of serious competitive play, such as the Ruy López, Sicilian Defense, Queen’s Gambit, and others. The term “Mickey Mouse Opening” doesn’t refer to any specific well-known or respected opening but rather to unconventional or eccentric opening moves that might not be considered strategically sound at the highest levels of chess.